swMATH ID: 21302
Software Authors: Glen Hansen
Description: Albany is an implicit, unstructured grid, finite element code for the solution and analysis of multiphysics problems. The Albany repository on the GitHub site contains hundreds of regression tests and examples that demonstrate the code’s capabilities on a wide variety of problems including fluid mechanics, solid mechanics (elasticity and plasticity), ice-sheet flow, quantum device modeling, and many other applications. The Albany web page is located at http://gahansen.github.io/Albany
Homepage: http://snlcomputation.github.io/Albany/
Related Software: Trilinos; Scikit; deal.ii; AlphaZero; Tempus; LIBSVM; Function Parser; Antioch; OpenFOAM; QUESO; PETSc; libMesh; GRINS; FROSch; ISSM; Elmer/Ice; MueLu; Amesos2; Albany/FELIX; Belos
Referenced in: 11 Publications

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