swMATH ID: 2131
Software Authors: Schöpf, Rainer; Deuflhard, Peter
Description: OCCAL. A mixed symbolic-numeric optimal control calculator The numerical solution of optimal control problems by indirect methods (such as multiple shooting or collocation) requires a considerable amount of analytic calculation to establish a numerically tractable system. These analytic calculations, though being rather tedious in realistic examples, are nowadays mostly still done by hand – and thus prone to calculation errors. The paper aims at automating this analytic processing to a reasonable extent by means of a modern symbolic manipulation language (here: REDUCE). In its present stage of development the package OCCAL (mnemotechnically for  Optimal  Control \(underline{ ext{CAL}}\)culator) permits an interactive use, covering tasks like automatic determination of control and, in case of a singular control, of its order.par In simpler problems, the present version of OCCAL automatically produces the full subroutine input for a MULtiple shooting code (MULCON) with adaptive numerical CONtinuation.par In more complicated problems where singular sub-arcs may occur or where the sequence of sub-arcs of the optimal trajectory is unclear OCCAL is a significant help in reducing analytic pre-processing. Examples illustrate the performance of OCCAL/MULCON.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-0348-8497-6_21
Keywords: numerical solution; multiple shooting; collocation
Related Software: MISER3; TOMP; REDUCE; ipfilter; SnadiOpt; OTIS; SOCS; NPSOL; Ipopt; ADIFOR
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