swMATH ID: 21361
Software Authors: Frank Pfenning
Description: The Elf Meta-Language. Elf is a constraint logic programming language based on the LF Logical Framework. It has no connection whatsoever to the ELF® statistical package, a commercial product by The Winchendon Group, Inc. Elf is a uniform meta-language for specifying, implementing, and proving properties of programming languages and logics. It has been applied to various examples, some of which are described in published papers accessible through a bibliography on LF and Elf. Others are described in the notes to a course on Computation and Deduction, which are not yet publicly available. There is also a more complete bibliography on logical frameworks in general. Work on LF and Elf at Carnegie Mellon University is supported by NSF grant CCR-9303383 (Principal Investigators Robert Harper and Frank Pfenning)
Homepage: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fp/elf.html
Related Software: Nuprl; Coq; Twelf; Automath; Isabelle; Lolli; ALF; ML; LEGO; Abella; HOL; Isabelle/HOL; Beluga; Maude; OBJ3; PoplMark; Freshml; LCF; HOL Light; Metamath Zero
Cited in: 47 Publications

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