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Description: BITSCAN C++ library. BITSCAN is a C++ 64-bit library which manipulates bit arrays (alias bit strings, bit sets etc.) and is specifically oriented for fast bitscanning operations. BITSCAN is the result of years of research in combinatorial optimization problems and has been shown very useful when modelling sets. In this type of models a bit string represents the population and members belonging to the set are marked as a 1-bit and referred by the position in the bitstrig. The BITSCAN library is still in alpha but has been used succesfully to implement BBMC, an efficient state of the art maximum clique algorithm. It has also been applied in PASS, an exact, and efficient, vertex coloring DSATUR-based algorithm. For further references to BBMC and PASS as well as legal stuff please read the legal.txt file.
Homepage: https://github.com/psanse/bitscan
Source Code:  https://github.com/psanse/bitscan
Related Software: Algorithm 457; BBMCL; MaxCliqueDyn; PMC; BBMCW; IncMaxCLQ; biicode; BBMCSP; DIMACS
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