swMATH ID: 21479
Software Authors: A. Kaczmarska, J. Piatlicki, T. Przedzinski, E. Richter-Was, Z. Was
Description: Application of TauSpinner for studies on tau-lepton polarization and spin correlations in Z, W and H decays at LHC. The tau-lepton plays an important role in the physics program at LHC. Its spin can be used for separation of signal from background or in measuring properties of New Particles decaying to tau leptons. The TauSpinner package represents a tool to modify tau spin effects in any sample containing tau leptons. Generated events, featuring taus produced from intermediate state W, Z, H bosons can be used as an input. The information on the polarization and spin correlations is reconstructed from the kinematics of the tau lepton(s) (nutau in case of W-mediated processes) and tau decay products. By weights, attributed on the event-by-event basis, it enables numerical evaluation and/or modification of the spin effects. We review distributions to monitor spin effects in leptonic and hadronic tau decays with up to three pions, to provide benchmarks for validation of spin content of the event sample and to visualize the tau lepton spin polarization and correlation effects. The demonstration examples for use of TauSpinner libraries, are documented. New validation methods of such an approach are provided. Other topics, like TauSpinner systematic errors or sensitivity of experimental distributions to spin, are addressed in part only. This approach is of interest for implementation of spin effects in embedded tau lepton samples, where Z to mu mu events from data of muons are replaced by simulated tau leptons. Embedding is used at LHC for estimating Z to tau tau background to H to tau tau signatures.
Homepage: http://th-www.if.uj.edu.pl/~erichter/TauAnalFrame/external/TAUOLA/TauSpinner/html/
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1 Acta Physica Polonica B

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