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Software Authors: Derrick, E.Joseph; Balci, Osman
Description: DOMINO: A multifaceted conceptual framework for visual simulation modeling. The purpose of this paper is to present a new conceptual framework for visual simulation modeling. The need for high level conceptual and automated assistance for the modeling of complex systems is certainly undeniable. DOMINO (a multifaceted conceptual framework for visual simulation modeling) supports (a) effective management of model complexity, (b) reductions to model development time and design errors, and (c) improvements to model quality. Unlike the typical conceptual frameworks for simulation modeling in use today, DOMINO provides both design and implementation guidance, thus furnishing a broad range of support during the model development life cycle. This new framework places a strong and practical emphasis on (1) representing things as they naturally occur in the modeled system (according to a WYSIWYR – What You See Is What You Represent) philosophy and on (2) the visualization of model structural relationships and model dynamics. Following the WYSIWYR philosophy, a modeler is assisted in the creative process and is freed from conceptual artificialities in building the model specification. Using DOMINO’s object-oriented and graphics-based features, modelers are able, in a straightforward manner, to construct visual simulation models at multiple levels of abstraction. The well-known machine-oriented and material-oriented views for the specification of model component logic are supported with DOMINO supervisory and self logic. In addition, a new and unique combination of these two traditional views, called hybrid logic or the hybrid view, is introduced.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0164121294001006
Keywords: discrete-event simulation; visual simulation; conceptual frameworks; visual simulation modeling; DOMINO
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