swMATH ID: 21761
Software Authors: Debuhr, J.; Zhang, B.; Tsueda, A.; Tilstra-Smith, V.; Sterling, T.
Description: DASHMM: dynamic adaptive system for hierarchical multipole methods. We present DASHMM, a general library implementing multipole methods (including both Barnes-Hut and the Fast Multipole Method). DASHMM relies on dynamic adaptive runtime techniques provided by the HPX-5 system to parallelize the resulting multipole moment computation. The result is a library that is easy-to-use, extensible, scalable, efficient, and portable. We present both the abstractions defined by DASHMM as well as the specific features of HPX-5 that allow the library to execute scalably and efficiently.
Homepage: https://www.crest.iu.edu/projects/dashmm/start
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