swMATH ID: 21763
Software Authors: UCLA; Decyk V. K.
Description: The UPIC (UCLA Parallel PIC) Framework was developed about 15 years ago to provide trusted components for the rapid construction of new parallel PIC codes. The Idea was to provide libraries as well as reference PIC applications which illustrate their use and users would then enhance and customize these components (You-Pick) to build new codes. The focus was on high accuracy spectral methods. Message-passing was the primary parallelization method, but multi-tasking with pthreads was also supported. Both electrostatic and electromagnetic codes were supported in 1d, 2d, and 3d, as well as some Darwin codes, with a variety of numerical methods and boundary conditions. The codes QuickPIC, QPIC, UPIC-Emma and others were built from these components. The software design was layered with the lowest layer in Fortran77. Higher layers in Fortran95 could either be procedural, using using wrappers, or object-based for more complex projects.
Homepage: https://picksc.idre.ucla.edu/software/upic/
Related Software: QUICKPIC; OSIRIS; Oracle; VORPAL; PIConGPU
Cited in: 3 Publications

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