swMATH ID: 21792
Software Authors: Tamal K Dey , Joachim Giesen, Samrat Goswami, James Hudson, Wulue Zhao
Description: Cocone Software for surface reconstruction and medial axis. Cocone software can reconstruct a surface from its sample points. The input is the co-ordinates of the point cloud in 3D and output is a piecewise linear approximation of the surface which is made of Delaunay triangles with vertices in the input points only. The software is based on the cocone algorithm that uses a single Voronoi/Delaunay computation as described in the following papers. The program works on the assumption that the sample is dense and is obtained from a smooth surface. We have four versions of the software catering different needs. In addition to the surface, Tight Cocone below can compute an approximate medial axis or MAT of the object.
Homepage: http://web.cse.ohio-state.edu/~dey.8/cocone.html
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