swMATH ID: 21839
Software Authors: Yao-Yuan Yang, Shao-Chuan Lee, Yu-An Chung, Tung-En Wu, Si-An Chen, Hsuan-Tien Lin
Description: libact: Pool-based Active Learning in Python. libact is a Python package designed to make active learning easier for general users. The package not only implements several popular active learning strategies, but also features the active-learning-by-learning meta-algorithm that assists the users to automatically select the best strategy on the fly. Furthermore, the package provides a unified interface for implementing more strategies, models and application-specific labelers. The package is open-source on Github, and can be easily installed from Python Package Index repository.
Homepage: https://github.com/ntucllab/libact
Source Code:  https://github.com/ntucllab/libact
Keywords: Learning; arXiv cs.LG; arXiv; Python package; active learning strategies; Github
Related Software: Scikit; Python; modAL; JCLAL; ALiPy; PyTorch; Cardinal; PyTorch Lightning; ImageNet; SuperGLUE; UCI-ml; scikit-activeml; skorch; BatchBALD; GPyTorch; Flax; JAX; Keras; PyRelationAL; lrtc
Cited in: 0 Publications