swMATH ID: 21858
Software Authors: Li, G., Ghosh, I.
Description: PASS: string solving with parameterized array and interval automaton. The problem of solving string constraints together with numeric constraints has received increasing interest recently. Existing methods use either bit-vectors or automata (or their combination) to model strings, and reduce string constraints to bit-vector constraints or automaton operations, which are then solved in the respective domain. Unfortunately, they often fail to achieve a good balance between efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. In this paper we illustrate a new technique that uses parameterized arrays as the main data structure to model strings, and converts string constraints into quantified expressions that are solved through quantifier elimination. We present an efficient and sound quantifier elimination algorithm. In addition, we use an automaton model to handle regular expressions and reason about string values faster. Our method does not need to enumerate string lengths (as bit-vector based methods do), or concrete string values (as automaton based methods do). Hence, it can achieve much better accuracy and efficiency. In particular, it can identify unsatisfiable cases quickly. Our solver (named PASS) supports most of the popular string operations, including string comparisons, string-numeric conversions, and regular expressions. Experimental results demonstrate the advantages of our method.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-03077-7_2
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