swMATH ID: 21958
Software Authors: Green, Edward L.; Heath, Lenwood S.; Keller, Benjamin J.
Description: Opal: a system for computing noncommutative Gröbner bases. Opal is an interactive system for computing Gröbner bases in noncommutative algebras presented as path algebras. The primary purpose of the system is to support algebraic research, but the system is also instrumented for experimentation with different admissible orders and algorithmic variations. Opal is written in C++ and uses both the Gnu C++ library (libg++) and the LiDIA library as well as code generated by Flex and the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS) [T. J. Parr and R. W. Quong, “ANTLR: a predicated-LL(k) parser generator”, Softw., Pract. Exper. 25, No. 7, 789–810 (1995; doi:10.1002/spe.4380250705)]. We give a brief description of Opal. We begin by defining path algebras and giving their relationship to other algebras. Then the functions of Opal and its interface are described, followed by a brief discussion of the implementation and module structure. Finally, planned extensions to the sytem and the interface are presented.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F3-540-62950-5_83
Related Software: NCGB; PCCTS; ANTLR; LiDIA; Letterplace; ANICK; GBNP; BERGMAN; Felix; Magma; SINGULAR; Plural; NCAlgebra; Mathematica
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