swMATH ID: 22025
Software Authors: Milch, B.; Marthi, B.; Russell, S.; Sontag, D.; Ong, D.L.; Kolobov, A.
Description: BLOG: probabilistic models with unknown objects. This paper introduces and illustrates BLOG, a formal language for defining probability models over worlds with unknown objects and identity uncertainty. BLOG unifies and extends several existing approaches. Subject to certain acyclicity constraints, every BLOG model specifies a unique probability distribution over first-order model structures that can contain varying and unbounded numbers of objects. Furthermore, complete inference algorithms exist for a large fragment of the language. We also introduce a probabilistic form of Skolemization for handling evidence.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1642293.1642508
Related Software: Church; ProbLog; IBAL; PRISM; BUGS; PREGO; MEBN; FACTORIE; PITA; Haskell; CP-logic; ETPS; Dyna; BayesOWL; PR-OWL; KnowRob; Figaro; PRMLT; Stan; WinBUGS
Cited in: 38 Publications

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