SVM Toolbox

swMATH ID: 22055
Software Authors: Gunn SR
Description: The foundations of Support Vector Machines (SVM) have been developed by Vapnik [1], and are gaining popularity due to many attractive features,and promising empirical performance. The formulation embodies the Structural Risk Minimisation (SRM) principle, as opposed to the Empirical Risk Minimisation (ERM) approach commonly employed within statistical learning methods. SRM minimises an upper boound on the generalisation error, as opposed to ERM which minmises the error on the training data. It is this difference which equips SVMs with a greater potential to generalise, which is our goal in statistical learning. The SVM can be applied to both classification and regression problems. The toolbox provides routines for support vector classification and support vector regression. A GUI is included which allows the visualisation of simple classification and regression problems. (The MATLAB optimisation toolbox, or an alternative quadratic programming routine is required.)
Homepage: http://www.isis.ecs.soton.ac.uk/isystems/kernel/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: UCI-ml; RSVM; LS-SVMlab; Matlab; LIBSVM; NPPC
Cited in: 3 Publications

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