swMATH ID: 22087
Software Authors: Tom Gordon; Douglas Walton
Description: Carneades ICCMA: A Straightforward Implementation of a Solver for Abstract Argumentation in the Go Programming Language. The Carneades entry to the 2015 International Competition on Computational Models of Argument (ICCMA) is a straight-forward implementation of a solver for reasoning tasks in abstract argumentation frameworks [1]. All of the reasoning tasks (computing one or all extensions and deciding whether an argument is credulously or skeptically inferred) and Dung semantics (grounded, complete, preferred, stable) covered by the competition have been implemented. The solver has been implemented in Go, a mainstream statically-typed, procedural programming language with a C-like syntax, garbage collection, good builtin support for concurrency and a large standard library. The aim is to provide a concise and readable implementation suitable for pedagogical purposes, using only common and widely familiar programming constructs and with no dependencies on external libraries or programs.
Homepage: https://carneades.github.io/
Related Software: DIAMOND; MiniSat; Lingeling; ProGraph; CoQuiAAS; LamatzSolver; Argtools; Dungine; Tweety; prefMaxSAT; CEGARTIX; ConArg2; Clingo; ASPARTIX; Glucose; Chaff; GRAPPA; CP-nets
Cited in: 9 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.tfgordon.de/publications/

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