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Software Authors: Vuorinen, V.; Keskinen, K.
Description: DNSLab: a gateway to turbulent flow simulation in Matlab. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research is increasingly much focused towards computationally intensive, eddy resolving simulation techniques of turbulent flows such as large-eddy simulation (LES) and direct numerical simulation (DNS). Here, we present a compact educational software package called DNSLab, tailored for learning partial differential equations of turbulence from the perspective of DNS in Matlab environment. Based on educational experiences and course feedback from tens of engineering post-graduate students and industrial engineers, can offer a major gateway to turbulence simulation with minimal prerequisites. Matlab implementation of two common fractional step projection methods is considered: the 2d Fourier pseudo-spectral method, and the 3d finite difference method with 2nd order spatial accuracy. Both methods are based on vectorization in Matlab and the slow for-loops are thus avoided. is tested on two basic problems which we have noted to be of high educational value: 2d periodic array of decaying vortices, and 3d turbulent channel flow at Re τ =180. To the best of our knowledge, the present study is possibly the first to investigate efficiency of a 3d turbulent, wall bounded flow in Matlab. The accuracy and efficiency of DNSLab is compared with a customized OpenFOAM solver called rk4projectionFoam. Based on our experiences and course feedback, the main contribution of consists of the following features. (i) The very compact Matlab implementation of present Navier-Stokes solvers provides a gateway to efficient learning of both, physics of turbulent flows, and simulation of turbulence. (ii) Only relatively minor prerequisites on fluid dynamics and numerical methods are required for using DNSLab. (iii) In 2d, interactive results for turbulent flow cases can be obtained. Even for a 3d channel flow, the solver is fast enough for nearly interactive educational use. (iv) is made openly available and thus contributing to the general availability and accessibility of educational DNS codes in Matlab environment.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AEZX_v1_0.html
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Matlab; Navier-Stokes; computational fluid dynamics; direct numerical simulation; large eddy simulation; turbulence; OpenFoam
Related Software: MCTDH; iFEM; Matlab; Octave; Oasis; FDMRP; symrcm; OpenFOAM; FFTW
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DNSLab: a gateway to turbulent flow simulation in Matlab. Zbl 1375.76073
Vuorinen, V.; Keskinen, K.

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