swMATH ID: 22186
Software Authors: U. Klusik, Y. Ortega-Mallén, R. Peña
Description: Implementing Eden — or: Dreams Become Reality. The parallel functional programming language Eden was specially designed to be implemented in a distributed setting. In a previous paper [3] we presented an operational specification of DREAM, the distributed abstract machine for Eden. In this paper we go a step further and present the imperative code generated for Eden expressions and how this code interacts with the distributed RunTime System (RTS) for Eden. This translation is done in two steps: first Eden is translated into PEARL (Parallel Eden Abstract Reduction Language), the parallel functional language of DREAM, and then PEARL expressions are translated into imperative code.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-48515-5_7
Related Software: Haskell; GUM; EdenTV; GHC; Erlang; MapReduce; eSkel; ML; Hadoop; QuickCheck; Multilisp; Symgrid; VAMPIR; Maple; Maude; Coq; Sisal; PVM; Intel TBB; OPTYap
Cited in: 23 Publications

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