swMATH ID: 2219
Software Authors: Goel, Amit; Phanouriou, Constantinos; Kamke, Frederick A.; Ribbens, Calvin J.; Shaffer, Clifford A.; Watson, Layne T.
Description: WBCSIM: A prototype PSE for wood-based composites simulations This chapter describes a computing environment named WBCSim that is intended to increase the productivity of wood scientists conducting research on wood-based composite materials. WBCSim integrates Fortran-based simulation codes with a graphical front end, an optimization tool, and a visualization tool. WBCSim serves as a prototype for the design, construction, and evaluation of larger scale problem solving environments. Several different wood-based composite material simulations are supported. A detailed description of the prototype’s software architecture and a typical scenario of use are presented.
Homepage: http://www.amitgoel.com/papers/wbcsim.pdf
Keywords: Fortran-based simulation codes; problem solving environments
Related Software: DOT; SCIRun; ELLPACK; Mathematica; cantata; Sweep3d; POOMA; PYTHIA
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