swMATH ID: 22252
Software Authors: A. Skowron, J. Bazan, N.H. Son, J. Wroblewski
Description: RSES 2.2 User’s Guide. RSES 2.2 - Rough Set Exploration System 2.2 is a software tool that provides the means for analysis of tabular data sets with use of various methods, in particular those based on Rough Set Theory.
Homepage: http://logic.mimuw.edu.pl/~rses/RSES_doc_eng.pdf
Related Software: Rseslib; LERS; ROSETTA; UCI-ml; RIONA; WEKA; Scikit; RSL; KDD Cup; FSMRDE; AdaCost; DIXER; ElemStatLearn; C4.5; 4eMka2; ROSE
Referenced in: 19 Publications

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