swMATH ID: 22260
Software Authors: Wieczorek U, Ivantysynova M
Description: CASPAR — a computer aided design tool for axial piston machines. A method for the calculation of the non-isothermal gap flow in the main gaps of swash plate type axial piston machines has been developed. By solving the motion equation for the moving parts the gap geometry can be figured out and with the calculated pressure and velocity field the internal and external leakage flow, occurring only in the concerned gaps, and the friction in the gap can be determined precisely. Comparing the simulation data to the measurements, especially the external leakage flow, very good agreement is being represented. Thus, an estimation of the volumetric efficiency is possible with CASPAR. Moreover, the results for the instantaneous pressure in the displacement chamber correspond also to the measurement, so CASPAR can be used for optimisation of the valve plate as well as for the design of the bearing and sealing gaps enabling the design engineer to estimate the losses due to the gap flow and their dependence on design and operating parameters. With the simulation tool CASPAR a lot of different design variants can be analysed without long testing and the development time can be reduced.
Homepage: https://www.tib.eu/de/suchen/id/tema%3ATEMA20010404999/CASPAR-a-computer-aided-design-tool-for-axial-piston/?tx_tibsearch_search[searchspace]=tn
Related Software: Excel; FLUENT
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