swMATH ID: 22339
Software Authors: Mostrom, Michael A.; Mitrovich, Dushan; Welch, Dale R.
Description: The ARCTIC charged particle beam propagation code. The ARCTIC code has been developed to calculate the inductive erosion of, and plasma wakefield generation by, an ultrarelativistic electron beam propagating in a straight ionized channel through a background plasma. The implicit algorithm used is described in detail, and the code is verified by comparing results with a more complete full particle-in-cell plasma simulation code.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=238909
Keywords: inductive erosion; plasma wakefield generation; ultrarelativistic electron beam; straight ionized channel; particle-in-cell plasma simulation code
Related Software: ELBA; Vador; WARP; ElemStatLearn; SPSS
Referenced in: 6 Publications

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