swMATH ID: 2248
Software Authors: Samulowitz, Michael; Michahelles, Florian; Linhoff-Popien, Claudia
Description: CAPEUS: An architecture for context-aware selection and execution of services. This paper introduces a comprehensive framework that allows mobile users to access a variety of services provided by their current environment (e.g. print services). Novel to our approach is that selection and execution of services takes into account the user’s current context. Instead of being harassed by useless activities as service browsing or configuration issues, environmental services get seamlessly aligned to the user’s present task. Thus, the challenge is to develop a new service framework that fulfils these demands. The paper proposes a document-based approach; so called Context-Aware Packets (CAPS) contain context constraints and data for describing an entire service request. The core framework, Context-Aware Packets Enabling Ubiquitous Services (CAPEUS), reverts to CAPs for realising context-aware selection and execution of services.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/q6x867l143384257/
Keywords: context-aware packet; mobile computing
Related Software: JBoss; LUBM; Drools; Jena
Cited in: 4 Publications

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