swMATH ID: 22597
Software Authors: Perraudin, N.; Paratte, J.; Shuman, D.; Kalofolias, V.; Vandergheynst, P.; Hammond, D.K.
Description: GSPBOX: a toolbox for signal processing on graphs. This document introduces the Graph Signal Processing Toolbox (GSPBox) a framework that can be used to tackle graph related problems with a signal processing approach. It explains the structure and the organization of this software. It also contains a general description of the important modules.
Homepage: https://epfl-lts2.github.io/gspbox-html/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: MovieLens; softImpute; Manopt; GBFlearn; SyncSpecCnn; CIFAR; AR face; CMU PIE; KronFit; PyGSP
Cited in: 11 Publications

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