swMATH ID: 22614
Software Authors: Christophe Calvès
Description: A Haskell Nominal Toolkit. Haskell Nominal ToolKit (HNT) is composed of an Haskell library providing: alpha-equivalence, matching and rewriting algorithms with freshness contexts; a monadic framework handling environments, freshness contexts, substitutions easily; a generic zipper implementation; and an interactive rewriting tool providing rewriting/updating on any subterm. The interactive tool has to be seen as a tech-demo of the library possibilities.
Homepage: https://perso.crans.org/calves/hnt/
Dependencies: Haskell
Related Software: Freshml; Isabelle/HOL; FreshOCaml; Unbound; Delphin; RepLib; LNgen; GHC; Haskell; Beluga; Ott; OCaml
Cited in: 2 Publications

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