swMATH ID: 22616
Software Authors: Bain, Alex; Mitchell, John; Sharma, Rahul; Stefan, Deian; Zimmerman, Joe
Description: A domain-specific language for computing on encrypted data. (Invited talk). In cloud computing, a client may request computation on confidential data that is sent to untrusted servers. While homomorphic encryption and secure multiparty computation provide building blocks for secure computation, software must be properly structured to preserve confidentiality. Using a general definition of secure execution platform, we propose a single Haskell-based domain-specific language for cryptographic cloud computing and prove correctness and confidentiality for two representative and distinctly different implementations of the same programming language. The secret sharing execution platform provides information-theoretic security against colluding servers. The homomorphic encryption execution platform requires only one server, but has limited efficiency, and provides secrecy against a computationally-bounded adversary. Experiments with our implementation suggest promising computational feasibility, as cryptography improves, and show how code can be developed uniformly for a variety of secure cloud platforms, without explicitly programming separate clients and servers.
Homepage: https://eprint.iacr.org/2011/561.pdf
Keywords: schema mappings; database constraints; data exchange; data integration; universal solutions; homomorphism dualities
Related Software: Sharemind; Haskell
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