swMATH ID: 2262
Software Authors: Alvarez, J.L.; Mata, J.; Riquelme, J.C.
Description: OBLIC: classification system using evolutionary algorithm. We present a new classification system based on Evolutionary Algorithm (EA), OBLIC. This tool is an OBLIque Classification system whose function is to induce a set of classification rules no hierarchical from a database or training set. The core of the algorithm is a EA with real-coded and Pittsburgh approach. Each individual is composed by a no fixed classification rules set what split in regions the search space. The fitness of each classification is obtained by means of the exploration of these regions. The result of the tool is the best classification obtained in the evolutionary process. This paper describe and analyze this new method by comparing with other classification systems on UCI Repository databases. We conclude this paper with some observations and future projects
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/bc5avq9me5lmcufl/
Related Software: UCI-ml
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