Algorithm 971

swMATH ID: 22686
Software Authors: H. Li, G. C. Linderman, A. Szlam, K. P. Stanton, Y. Kluger, M. Tygert
Description: Algorithm 971: An implementation of a randomized algorithm for principal component analysis. Recent years have witnessed intense development of randomized methods for low-rank approximation. These methods target principal component analysis and the calculation of truncated singular value decompositions. The present article presents an essentially black-box, foolproof implementation for Mathworks’ MATLAB, a popular software platform for numerical computation. As illustrated via several tests, the randomized algorithms for low-rank approximation outperform or at least match the classical deterministic techniques (such as Lanczos iterations run to convergence) in basically all respects: accuracy, computational efficiency (both speed and memory usage), ease-of-use, parallelizability, and reliability. However, the classical procedures remain the methods of choice for estimating spectral norms and are far superior for calculating the least singular values and corresponding singular vectors (or singular subspaces).
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3004053
Keywords: Statistical Software; Principal component analysis; PCA; singular value decomposition; SVD; TOMS_publication
Related Software: ARPACK; LSRN; Blendenpik; LAPACK; SparseMatrix; rsvd; RandNLA; UTV; JDQR; JDQZ; ASKIT; SPQR_RANK; LibSkylark; SDPLR; ProxSDP; SE-Sync; SDPNAL+; Manopt; DIMACS; Mosek
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