swMATH ID: 22708
Software Authors: B. Heimsund
Description: Matrix Toolkits for Java (MTJ). Matrix Toolkit Java (MTJ) is an open-source Java software library for performing numerical linear algebra. The library contains a full set of standard linear algebra operations for dense matrices based on BLAS and LAPACK code. Partial set of sparse operations is provided through the Templates project. The library can be configured to run as a pure Java library or use BLAS machine-optimized code through the Java Native Interface. MTJ was originally developed by Bjørn-Ove Heimsund, who has taken a step back due to other commitments. The project webpage states that ”(The new maintainers are) primarily concerned with keeping the library maintained, and fixing bugs as they are discovered. There is no road plan for future releases”.[1] Several citations for MTJ can be found in scientific literature, including [2] which uses its LU preconditioner. Performance of MTJ has been compared to other libraries, which can be found at Java Matrix Benchmark’s site.[3] (wikipedia)
Homepage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix_Toolkit_Java
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