swMATH ID: 2279
Software Authors: Aarts, Bas; Barreteau, Michel; Bodin, Fran\c{c}ois; Brinkhaus, Peter; Chamski, Zbigniew; Charles, Henri-Pierre; Eisenbeis, Christine; Gurd, John; Hoogerbrugge, Jan; Hu, Ping; Jalby, William; Knijnenburg, Peter M.W.; O'Boyle, Michael F.P.; Rohou, Erven; Sakellariou, Rizos; Schepers, Henk; Seznec, Andr\'e; St\"ohr, Elena; Verhoeven, Marco; Wijshoff, Harry A.G.
Description: OCEANS: Optimizing compilers for embedded applications. This paper describes the recently funded ESPRIT project OCEANS. Its aim is to investigate and develop advanced compiler infrastructure for embedded VLIW processors, such as the Philips TriMedia. Such processors promise high performance at low unit cost. This paper outlines the project’s aims, presents the compiler infrastructure and its application to a typical case study.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/632mr77ujr8kw3f9/
Related Software: FADAlib; PHiPAC; ATLAS
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