swMATH ID: 22804
Software Authors: E. Axelsson, K. Claessen, G. Devai, Z. Horvath, K. Keijzer, B. Lyckegard, A. Persson, M. Sheeran, J. Svenningsson, A. Vajda
Description: Feldspar: A domain specific language for digital signal processing algorithms. A new language, Feldspar, is presented, enabling high-level and platform-independent description of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms. Feldspar is a pure functional language embedded in Haskell. It offers a high-level dataflow style of programming, as well as a more mathematical style based on vector indices. The key to generating efficient code from such descriptions is a high-level optimization technique called vector fusion. Feldspar is based on a low-level, functional core language which has a relatively small semantic gap to machine-oriented languages like C. The core language serves as the interface to the back-end code generator, which produces C. For very small examples, the generated code performs comparably to hand-written C code when run on a DSP target. While initial results are promising, to achieve good performance on larger examples, issues related to memory access patterns and array copying will have to be addressed.
Homepage: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5558637/
Related Software: Lava; Haskell; Syntactic; Accelerate; Copperhead; Loo.py; Nikola; Thrust; CUDA; Cyclone; Hume; Cedalion; JastAdd; mbeddr
Cited in: 2 Publications

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