swMATH ID: 2286
Software Authors: Liao, Weidong; Lin, Dongdai; Wang, Paul S.
Description: OMEI: An open mathematical engine interface Open Mathematical Engine Interface (OMEi) aims to establish a uniform application programming interface for heterogeneous mathematical computation systems. OMEI can play an essential role in making mathematical engines easily accessible by front-ends, tools, and servers. The interface enables the development of individual applications that can serve different engines. The motivation, application framework, specification, usage scenarios, and Java implementation for OMEI are presented. An application of OMEI to connect Starfish with MAXIMA is described.
Homepage: http://icm.mcs.kent.edu/research/IAMC.icm/omei.pdf
Keywords: open mathematical engine interface; OMEI
Related Software: CAS/PI; JavaMath; ELIMINO; OMRS
Cited in: 4 Publications

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OMEI: An open mathematical engine interface. Zbl 1010.68219
Liao, Weidong; Lin, Dongdai; Wang, Paul S.

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