swMATH ID: 2287
Software Authors: Song, Dawn; Perrig, Adrian; Phan, Doantam
Description: AGVI – automatic generation, verification, and implementation of security protocols. As new Internet applications emerge, new security protocols and systems need to be designed and implemented. Unfortunately the current protocol design and implementation process is often ad-hoc and error prone. To solve this problem, we have designed and implemented a toolkit AGVI, Automatic Generation, Verification, and Implementation of Security Protocols. With AGVI, the protocol designer inputs the system specification (such as cryptographic key setup) and security requirements. AGVI will then automatically find the near-optimal protocols for the specific application, proves the correctness of the protocols and implement the protocols in Java. Our experiments have successfully generated new and even simpler protocols than the ones documented in the literature
Homepage: http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~adrian/projects/cav01/cav01.pdf
Related Software: MJ; JavaSPI; Spi2Java; Bouncy Castle; UMLsec; ZKPDL; ASPIER; JML; Coq; ProVerif; TulaFale
Cited in: 3 Publications

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