swMATH ID: 22907
Software Authors: Hans Fangohr
Description: Finmag is a micro magnetic simulation framework, and the successor software for the open source project Nmag. It is built on the FEniCS project rather than NSim, as the multi physics engine.
Homepage: http://cmg.soton.ac.uk/research/categories/simulation-software/finmag/
Source Code:  https://github.com/fangohr/finmag
Dependencies: FEniCS
Related Software: OOMMF; MicroMagnum; magnum.fe; Python; MuMax; FastMag; magnum.fd; Commics; NGSolve; BEM++; Netgen; GitHub; Fidimag; FEniCS; FEMME; Pycaml; DOLFIN; OCaml; Nmag
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