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Description: Modeling, analysis and design of control systems in MATLAB and Simulink. Chapter 7, control design techniques are studied. These include PID controllers, lead-lag controllers, gain feedback controllers and optimal controller design through the Optimal Controller Design (OCD) toolbox. The control systems toolbox (SISOtool) is also presented. Frequency domain design and dynamic decoupling for MIMO systems is also considered.
Homepage: https://www.zbmath.org/?q=an:06400733
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Matlab; OptimPID; sisotool; DSpace; FOTF Toolbox; Mu Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox; QFT toolbox; MPC Toolbox; Mittag-Leffler; Robust Control Toolbox; PSOt; LMI toolbox; fminsearchbnd; YALMIP; Simulink
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