swMATH ID: 22951
Software Authors: Blanchet, F.
Description: HMSC: Hierachical modelling of species community. R package. The Hierarchical Modelling of Species Communities (HMSC) framework described in Ovaskainen et al. (2017). This framework uses Bayesian hierarchical modelling to account for environment, traits and phylogeny to model species communities. In addition, this framework also include and spatially (or temporally) autocorrelated latent variables to measure association among species. This R package implements all aspects of Ovaskainen et al. (2017) but is a work in progress that aims at going beyond the ideas presented in Ovaskainen et al. (2017).
Homepage: https://github.com/guiblanchet/HMSC
Source Code: https://github.com/guiblanchet/HMSC
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; MARK; ggplot2; hSDM; CODA; JAGS; ubms; PRESENCE; unmarked; spNNGP; spBayes; nimble; Stan; spOccupancy; TMB; GLLAMM; Stata
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