swMATH ID: 22997
Software Authors: Treangen T, Messeguer X
Description: M-GCAT is a tool for rapidly visualizing and aligning the most highly conserved regions in multiple (typically prokaryote) genomes. M-GCAT is based upon a highly efficient approach to anchor-based multiple genome comparison using a compressed suffix graph and thus can construct multiple genome alignment frameworks in closely related species usually in a few minutes. A couple of important limitations include (1) input sequences MUST be assembled, and (2) the comparison is reference-sequence biased. Further details on the M-GCAT algorithm and software can be found in this paper: T. Treangen and X. Messeguer. M-GCAT: Interactively and efficiently constructing large-scale multiple genome comparison frameworks in closely related species. BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:433
Homepage: http://alggen.lsi.upc.es/recerca/align/mgcat/
Related Software: ClustalW; SeqVis; iGTP; TOPAL; ExaBayes; CLANN; LDDist; Bio++; UCSC genome browser; BMGE; INDELible; PhyloBayes MPI; MulRF; CodonPhyML; jModelTest; DensiTree; ProtTest 3; REGANOR; mGene; CONTRAST; Conrad
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1 Keith, Jonathan M.

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