swMATH ID: 23007
Software Authors: Sarkar A, Maji RK, Saha S et al
Description: piRNAQuest: searching the piRNAome for silencers. An integrated resource for searching the piRNAome of human, mouse and rat. This unique, comprehensive and unified database provides annotation of piRNAs based on their genomic location in Gene, Intron, Intergenic, CDS, UTR, Repeat elements, Pseudogenes and Syntenic regions. It provides information on all possible piRNA clusters along with significant motifs present within the piRNAs comprising a cluster. Several analysis tools like Homology search within annotated piRNAs, Dynamic piRNA Clusters, Pattern Search within piRNA sequences and AT-GC
Homepage: http://bicresources.jcbose.ac.in/zhumur/pirnaquest/
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1 Keith, Jonathan M.

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