swMATH ID: 23176
Software Authors: Schlachter, U., et al.
Description: APT – Analysis of Petri nets and labeled transition systems. Welcome to APT. The purpose of this software is to run various analysis methods on Petri nets and labeled transition systems. This guide explains the most important aspects for getting started with APT. For citing APT, we recommend the following publications: General: Eike Best, Uli Schlachter: Analysis of Petri Nets and Transition Systems. In ICE 2015: 53-67; Synthesis: Uli Schlachter: Petri Net Synthesis for Restricted Classes of Nets. In Petri Nets 2016: 79-97
Homepage: https://github.com/CvO-Theory/apt
Source Code:  https://github.com/CvO-Theory/apt
Related Software: GitHub; Petrify; z3; SMTInterpol; Synet; ITS-Tools; Algorithm 447; Motras; SMT-LIB
Cited in: 26 Publications

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