swMATH ID: 2322
Software Authors: Simões-Marques, Mário J.; Pires, Fernando Jorge
Description: SINGRAR–A fuzzy distributed expert system to assist command and control activities in naval environment. SINGRAR is a fuzzy Expert System (ES) under development by the Portuguese Navy to assist the command and control related with the Internal Battle (all engineering and damage control activities that ensure high availability of ship’s systems, and support its fighting capabilities). Initially a decision support system standalone prototype was developed based on a fuzzy approach and on a fuzzy multiple attribute decision making model. Underway is the development of an ES shell, which will allow the parameterisation of the knowledge base in order to accommodate virtually any type of ship. It uses a distributed architecture and has several advantages over the classical manual system, like: instantaneous integration of information compiled at different workstations; automatic and consistent reaction to data changes; increased survivability of compiled information and of decision support capabilities in case of failure; reduction of human resources required; and decrease of total time between fault detection and triggering of the repair process.
Homepage: http://ecg-fuzzy.sourceforge.net/
Keywords: expert systems; decision support systems; fuzzy sets
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