swMATH ID: 23234
Software Authors: Tzirakis, P., Tjortjis, C.
Description: T3C: Improving a decision tree classification algorithms interval splits on continuous attributes. This paper proposes, describes and evaluates T3C, a classification algorithm that builds decision trees of depth at most three, and results in high accuracy whilst keeping the size of the tree reasonably small. T3C is an improvement over algorithm T3 in the way it performs splits on continuous attributes. When run against publicly available data sets, T3C achieved lower generalisation error than T3 and the popular C4.5, and competitive results compared to Random Forest and Rotation Forest.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3106821
Related Software: C4.5; UCI-ml; R; nodeHarvest; propOverlap; OTE; RPEnsemble; ElemStatLearn; mlbench; ipred; e1071; Kernlab; penalized; gclus; RainForest; AdaBoost.MH; HHCART; Julia; randomForest; rpart
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