swMATH ID: 23286
Software Authors: E. Miles Stoudenmire; Steven R. White
Description: ITensor—Intelligent Tensor—is a C++ library for implementing tensor network calculations. See the list of recent papers using ITensor. Features include: Indices have unique ids: no need to think about index orderingM; Full-featured matrix product state and DMRG layer; Quantum number conserving (block-sparse) tensors; same interface as dense tensors; Complex numbers handled lazily: no efficiency loss if real; Easy to install; only dependencies are BLAS/LAPACK and C++11; Interface only uses friendly, productive subset of the C++ language.
Homepage: http://itensor.org/
Source Code:  https://github.com/ITensor/ITensor
Dependencies: C++
Keywords: arXiv_cs.MS; arXiv_cond-mat.str-el; Computational Physics; arXiv_physics.comp-ph; ITensor; Untelligent Tensor; C++ library
Related Software: TeNPy; Uni10; TensorOperations.jl; NumPy; Python; ALPS; evoMPS; GitHub; PyTorch; TensorNetwork; NCON; SciPy; t3f; mpnum; TTPY; TT Toolbox; ScaLAPACK; mVMC; cpptoml; mptensor
Cited in: 15 Publications

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The ITensor Software Library for Tensor Network Calculations
Matthew Fishman, Steven R. White, E. Miles Stoudenmire

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