swMATH ID: 2332
Software Authors: Vernadat, F.
Description: UEML: towards a unified enterprise modelling language. The paper presents the rationale and principles of a unified language devoted to the area of Enterprise Modelling. The language, named UEML, for Unified Enterprise Modelling Language, is not intended to replace existing languages but is intended to provide a uniform interface to enterprise modelling tools and a neutral format for exchange of enterprise models. It therefore builds on previous languages and provides constructs to cover function/process, information, resource and organization/decision aspects of business entities. It is also aligned with results of ODP, CEN TC 310, ISO TC 184 and IFAC-IFIP GERAM efforts in the area of enterprise modelling and engineering.
Homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00207540210159626#.Usugslu0UYw
Related Software: TAMBIS; i*; GOLOG; UECML; SPSS
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UEML: towards a unified enterprise modelling language. Zbl 1064.90537
Vernadat, F.

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