swMATH ID: 23411
Software Authors: Seung W. Choi, Laura E. Gibbons, Paul K. Crane
Description: R package lordif: Logistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT. Analysis of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) for dichotomous and polytomous items using an iterative hybrid of ordinal logistic regression and item response theory (IRT).
Homepage: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/lordif/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/cran/lordif
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; mirt; ltm; IRTLRDIF; eRm; DFIT8; DIFAS; difR; Design; equate; SAS; psychomix; lme4; lavaan; IRTPRO; BILOG; ConQuest; DICHODIF; DFITPU; SIBTEST
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