swMATH ID: 23443
Software Authors: Guillermo Vinue, Irene Epifanio, Amelia Simo, M. Victoria Ibanez, Juan Domingo, Guillermo Ayala
Description: Anthropometry: An R Package for Analysis of Anthropometric Data. Anthropometry: Statistical Methods for Anthropometric Data. Statistical methodologies especially developed to analyze anthropometric data. These methods are aimed at providing effective solutions to some commons problems related to Ergonomics and Anthropometry. They are based on clustering, the statistical concept of data depth, statistical shape analysis and archetypal analysis.
Homepage: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/Anthropometry/index.html
Dependencies: R
Keywords: R; anthropometric data; clustering; statistical shape analysis; archetypal analysis; data depth; Journal of Statistical Software
Related Software: R; clusfind; archetypes; Rainbow; fda (R); shapes; Momocs; ElemStatLearn; biclust; ICGE; rospca; univOutl; adamethods; mrfDepth; roahd; fda.usc; shiny; doParallel; tolerance; foreach
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