swMATH ID: 23455
Software Authors: D. Groen, O. Henrich, F. Janoschek, P.V. Coveney, J. Harting
Description: LB3D provides functionality to simulate three-dimensional simple, binary oil/water and ternary oil/water/amphiphile fluids using the Shan-Chen model for binary fluid interactions. The boundary conditions available include periodic boundaries, body forcing, and bounce-back boundaries as Lees-Edwards shearing for simple and binary fluid mixtures. The software is written in Fortran 90 and parallelized using MPI. It supports XDR and HDF5 format for I/O and provides checkpoint and restart for long-running simulations. The code has been developed at University College London, University of Stuttgart and Eindhoven University of Technology. It has been ported to many supercomputers worldwide, where it has shown excellent scalability. Most recently it has been shown to scale linearly on up to 294,000 cores on the European Blue Gene/P system Jugene [1]. LB3D has been used to study self-assembly of cubic phases [2,3], micro-mixing [4], flow through porous media [5], fluid surface interactions [6-8] and other problems in complex fluidics.
Homepage: https://ccpforge.cse.rl.ac.uk/gf/project/lb3d/
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