swMATH ID: 2351
Software Authors: Marcos, E.; Cáceres, P.; Vela, B.; Cavero, J.M.
Description: MIDAS/BD: A methodological framework for web database design. One of the most important trends in Information System research is concerning Web application development. Generally, Web Information Systems are developed ad-hoc, that is, without modeling them before their implementation. At best, developers use techniques and methodologies directly imported from the traditional Software Engineering field. However, classic methodologies do not fit to some key aspects of Web applications as, for example, navigation design. This is the reason why different modeling techniques and methodologies for Web Information Systems development have appeared. MIDAS is a methodological framework for Web Information System development that can be customized according to the type of application we want to develop (hypermedia applications, database applications, etc.). In this paper we present MIDAS/BD, the specific part of MIDAS for Web Database development. MIDAS/BD is based on XML and (object-) relational technology.
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