swMATH ID: 23577
Software Authors: M. Robinson
Description: Tyche: A multiscale stochastic reaction-diffusion modeling software library in C++ and Python. Tyche is a multiscale stochastic reaction-diffusion modelling software library. It consists of: (a) an off-lattice (particle-based) model based on the Smoluchowski model, including diffusion, zeroth-order, unimolecular and bimolecular reactions. (b) an on-lattice model based on the Next Subvolume Method (based in turn on the Gillespie algorithm). This models stochastic diffusion, and reactions of arbitrary order (c) a coupling between the off-lattice and on-lattice models, suitable for domain decomposition problems. This implements the Adaptive Two-Regime method, detailed in the following paper: Martin Robinson, Mark Flegg, Radek Erban, ”Adaptive two-regime method: application to front propagation”, submitted to Journal of Chemical Physics
Homepage: http://tychessa.github.io
Related Software: Smoldyn; MesoRD
Cited in: 1 Publication

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