swMATH ID: 23585
Software Authors: Met Office
Description: Cartopy: A Cartographic Python Library With a Matplotlib Interface (Exeter: Met Office) . A library providing cartographic tools for python. Some of the key features of cartopy are: object oriented projection definitions; point, line, polygon and image transformations between projections; integration to expose advanced mapping in matplotlib with a simple and intuitive interface; powerful vector data handling by integrating shapefile reading with Shapely capabilities
Homepage: http://scitools.org.uk/cartopy/
Related Software: Python; Matplotlib; NumPy; SciPy; Verde; Scikit; xarray; pyCSEP; MultiDop; Py-ART; PyDDA; agrid; GDAL; VTK; Quantarctica; Dask; Astropy; NetCDF; QGIS; MayaVi
Cited in: 0 Publications