swMATH ID: 23619
Software Authors: Larget, BR; Kotha, SK; Dewey, CN; Ané, C
Description: BUCKy: Gene tree/species tree reconciliation with Bayesian concordance analysis. Motivation: BUCKy is a C++ program that implements Bayesian concordance analysis. The method uses a non-parametric clustering of genes with compatible trees, and reconstructs the primary concordance tree from clades supported by the largest proportions of genes. A population tree with branch lengths in coalescent units is estimated from quartet concordance factors. Availability: BUCKy is open source and distributed under the GNU general public license at www.stat.wisc.edu/∼ane/bucky/.
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/26/22/2910/227750
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Cited in: 9 Publications

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