swMATH ID: 23626
Software Authors: William A. Stein
Description: CoCalc - Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud: CoCalc is a sophisticated online environment for: Mathematical calculation: SageMath, GAP, SymPy, Maxima, …; Statistics and Data Science: R Project, Pandas, Statsmodels, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, NLTK, …; Document authoring: LaTeX, Markdown/HTML, ... General purpose computing: Python, Octave, Julia, Scala, … Zero Setup: getting started does not require any software setup.
Homepage: https://cocalc.com
Related Software: SageMath; OEIS; mgn; admcycles; Macaulay2; SageMathCell; diffstrata; House of Graphs; Magma; L-BFGS; Normaliz; qseries; DLMF; ROBBINS; Bootstrap.js; Visualize; clipboard.js; visualsc; BootSideMenu; Poset
Cited in: 16 Documents

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